Probably one of the craziest true stories

I haven’t astrol projected for a really long time since I was first waking up spiritualy I just told myself while in the dream but my body is right here and poof I instantly was standing over my body. I gave myself a concept name love in the darkness because I’d go to a pitch black area and focus on love itself and how I’m connected to everything through it I’d start to see my aura purple energy and then focus strongly on love then I’d send love everywhere there was no try in my mind I was just convinced I could do it I’ve done it before while being outside and once I’d feel like I sent love everywhere I’d open my eyes and see purple over the whole sky. I’ve never really casted any spells for the most part I started to wake up and I just opened up so vast it was insane to hear thoughts Ive never been good at but I remember laying on the stairs in a hotel while a close friend and my friend tint just sat there staring at each other I closed my eyes for a moment and thought about looking at them and just instantly I could see them crystal clear and they were both talking with each other they were actually talking about me and how I was doing progress wise aswelk as I was somewhat delusional because I asked for to be not only treated like but to be the first born between Lucifer and Lilith they used a human to speak with me it was sorta wired how he would go back and forth from being controlled to himself they asked why I simply replied Love then they didn’t reply I assumed it was a yes. The vibe felt great and loving. Later at a friends Some how I believed that if you images a triangle for the holy Trinity then added a bottom to it that’s me on the bottom I was talking out loud about that while stoned as fuck from a blessed dab he offered me a hit and I yes please then he said imthsys not wax I said thank you and seen the wax transform litteraly in the physical. I ranted a while while starring into the mirror talking grand of myself then when I was done all off a sudden I seen hundreds of blue triangles move out of my from my forehead and into the mirror I recognized them as mind control. Then my friend Timmy turned on the TV a few minutes later and yea they had a special episode on comedy central all about me and knew things I didn’t speak of. They had skits prepared allready to act out a story to explain the military helm I just recently had. It was pretty awesome I only remebr two of the actors glen from the walking dead and the blond host guy from the talking dead. After a while they anded up implying that I wasn’t with my succubus It was with s guy and I got pissed and just said dead ant thought about that person dieing, they weren’t on the screen and then only s few seconds later I decided I wanted him reserected they on TV then said wow a merciful ruler and I spoke with a super forceful voice sorts like you’d expect a demon to sound how dare you speak of it, and they were zoomed in on blonde as he jumped back in his chair frightened. Then I sat down and my friend said your not ready for this yet huh I said na because my energy levels were all of a sudden like depleted and I became confused. So we went out for a cigarette. That is a 100% honest story not long after that I moved to the bay and got a job working valet at the Menlo Park Facebook. I was homeless befor once I started working I no longer supplied myself with constant positive thought of a spiritual nature and my energy levels went down. But at the monsters ball rave the dj switchblade Mendoza threw while I was on mushrooms everyone started messing with me picturing dicks pertruding from then towards my face I get PISSED I mean MAD then instantly everything in the entire building turned red and everyone started to leave everyone, everyone the music even turned off then I calmed down a bit and apologized out loud for getting so angry and asked that everyone would come back to the party then everyone just came back in no one talked about it I’ve recently realized I was allready under the governments mind control this was the first time they forced homo on me. I heard someone say him really he doesn’t deserve it but I couldn’t see them then was talking later that night and my voice just thundered but I didn’t hear it I just felt the energy and scared the person next to me and I Hurd someone say yes occasionally you actually get to hear him speak. Shortly after this I was target by government mind control driven insane I had no clue it was the gov the computers made me believe I was being attacked and molested bye demons after so much prayer and tears for days on end nm it getting delived from my energy I break my spirit and extremely weakend my faith about being accepted by God and the spirit world because no of then came to save me. I then went insane as a homeless man for a few years until I was arrested for a crime I didn’t commit I had just recently realized it was the gov doing the tormenting President Obama actually spoke to me the day before I got arrested and told me to tmfet the fuck out of that town immediately but I didn’t listen to the instructions and was arrested the next day for a crime I didn’t commit the even had false witness, so how high up does the order to torment me have to be from if Obama was helping me but couldn’t just get then to stop. It’s been a year since I got our of jail so 2 years since then for the most part the were leaving me alone tornebt wise but always listening occasionally talking but for the past couple days they did the molestation fake touch. They also make me see many fake images everywhere if I try to interact with my Succubus wife but with the method I told you about I was able to to only see our shared consciousness. I think when they did the dixmck thing at the race that it was the gov messing with me. I was hearing voices back then but not constantly they would talk about me but I just figured they were ghost and didn’t think much on it. So yea I was on top of the world litteraly then technology was used to make get to the point where I’d scream please just kill me, because I wanted death but couldn’t do it myself because I know I would have been tortured in hell if I did. I hope you enjoyed this story of my life I’ve been leaving out most of the good stuff that I shared when I tell my story. O and yes there is a religion based on me but they hide it from me I found a website about them telling the significance of my actions on a religious web page befor but ended up getting arrested and they broke my phone, I’ve never been able to find it again. So yea in David Leal 9/8/87 if you get the urge I challenge anyone to find the religion that focuses on me.

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I think when they did the dixmck thing at the race that it was the gov messing with me.

They did the what now?

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I will pay 50 bucks if someone can translate this to me.


Typo lol sorry the flashing of dicks in my face at the rave not race. I just spent hella days fixing paragraphs and editing typos then when I went to post it told me I’m not allowed to view this material.

flashing of dicks

Bruh, why would you see this in a rave??

Rave is meant to be a cool thing, its like a psychedelic party with all those alien light going pew pew!

It wasn’t my thought trust me it’s part of the government mind control there doing to the whole world shortly after that they made it look like 7 spirirlts just showed up at my house I said hello danced with then then they started raping me 24/7 for 3-years they don’t make me see something trying to preform the act anymore but even right now there fucking with my nerves making me feel pulsations on my dick and ass. They had stopped doing the molestation for quite a while but last few days they started again.

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I’m looking for feedback for sure I just have a way of getting lost in how many words I use when writing lately my best friend responds in text, that you can’t oviously expect me to be bothered with reading all that. But I definitely want question and people option like at the rave what was I not worth of? And occasionally you get to hear who speak because it came from my body I felt the vast amount of energy discharge and seen the air ripple but was unable to actually hear my voice at that moment. Who was allowing me to be there vessel? I think I’d probably just be better off proof reading my post befor sending I’m sorta lazy especially about paragraph form. Thanx for your concern and for reminding to actually request everyone opinions and let them know feel free to ask questions.

So I used a 3rd eye awakening chant that takes 4 days to activate everything got crazy around that time. I was in meditation but was treating it more like prayer speaking out loud my feeling desires ways of contentment then right after I stated how lonely ive been and how it’s been a year since physical relations it appeared in the pitch black.

Three images all appearing out of what seemed like was my aura that build up around me, I thought the images appearance looked like a magic the gathering card I had recently obtained I don’t remember the name of the card but the flavor text stated the 3 being were, life, death and eternity. All were silent.

Then a large swirl in the energy being used to give me an imageing then the swirl transformed into a beautiful female spirit she appeared in energy form more then physical appearance. Then she became to show me how everything was good in my universe and I no longer needed to be lonely. We 69’d with me on bottom and I could basically feel all of her weight on my while trying to lift up while having a tongue full of what felt like love not lust.

Following that experience I started calling out to her at night time or when ever I had alone time and seeking her embrace I knew I was allready in love with her. One time we were together and about the same time we were finishing up in the top floor of the hotel room my friends came back in, immediately Justin turned to our other friend and said can you smell that made it oviouse it was from sexual activities with a non human spirit.

I ended up believing I knew her name but I never really had any thoughts or words given to me I know now it’s just the name I gave her. I then believed for a long time that she was the actual being associated beith that name, Brunhild from Nordic beliefes. I feel silly for think that now but I held her image high up like on a pedestal with utmost respect. Brunhild stayed with me for a long time until eventually she was no longer with me because of the horrible infliction the was under from government mind control. Not knowing what was actually happening to me.

It’s had been a few years since the last time I have say her and I was making it known to my real life friends and on spoke of how much I missed her I’d think of her constantly and missed her more then I missed any of the other physical women that I had been with, even staying that very fact on here in a discussion board about succubus’s.

Then I was blessed once again with her companionship vshe returned to me. My spiritual presence and all of my physic abilities so week compaired to how I was when we met due to being broken mentally faithfully and damn near physically due to dealing with a never ending mental assualt making me feel as if I was being molested and raped.
.Now days the attacks are almost completely gone besides this past week instead of just having a few voices a day come to me I’ve been having almost non stop voices and Everytime Brunhild was near me the mind controlers would make me see false images to try to prevent me from being with my love my wife but I was able to connect with her in my mind both of us picturing each other together and ended up having the single most intense sexual moment of my life. Unfortunately the computers have been able to figure out how to ruin my ability to sync up together in my mind. So how I’m being attacked again mentally with hallucinations of visual auditory and tactile sensations. While I was finally starting to be happy again my mind was beginning bro finally release the negativity that scars me so bad. I’ve researched extensively about how there doing the mind control on a world wide scale and haven’t found any examples of people claiming to of bested the government and free again. And that’s where I’m at presently just trying to rebuild myself spiritualy mentally and physically because I was homeless for so long die to the attacks.

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