Private Forum for Product Owners

O.K. That made me laugh out loud. That was funny.

Definitely. I just spent 3 days browsing around EvocationMagic and couldnt find anything useful. 10 minutes here and Ive got more info than I know what to do with!

Indeed, I’d agree, and I really wish people would be more encouraged to use “search” function (per different words/phrasing) as well as just reading prior posts before asking questions / making comments…

If before most postings (a reminder msg popup perhaps?  I don't know- I don't want to post "search for that term" nor "there was a previous msg about that" (question response is usually "where?")   -also people to realize what the tone of msgs presents, how written affects.

==== it seems this has aspects, but might be a good resource one day, but not yet to where readers spend more than 15-20seconds on a topic, let alone “hard-thinking” it just ends up as < next > (except the ~fun complain-opinion threads, not indepth pondering required) -and yet as TheLotusEater refs there is value here. [and one day perhaps more]


Your response made me laugh so hard I nearly spit my soda on the computer keyboard! Hilarious. Yeah, maybe I exaggerated, but it’s all in good fun. I agree this forum is awesome! And we really shouldn’t change anything. Now if only we could get a demon to play baskeball with Sunas’ head while someone else filmed it, that would be grand!