Privacy of practice

What’s the deal with keeping your space secret, I understand that for reasons of keeping your intentions secret it is best to keep your journal secret unless you particularly want to reveal something.

However I see a lot of photographs of both personal altars and altars to particular spirits. Is it advisable for people to see the space in which you practice or does it have no effect whatsoever?

We set protection in our temple and altars eitherway, so no sane person would dare to step foot astraly in your space.

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Are servitors good for this?

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Of course, but I’d advice several layers of protection, don’t rely just on servitors.

Well there are many reasons one ofc is that ppl might not understand what they see and that may cause troubles.
I wouldnt say my area is secret or anything but my ritual space which in daytime have other mundane functions is ”special” when im using it for magic work.
When its dedicated to work i will not have anything there that havent got a purpouse for my work, ppl that arnt involved or anything Well its not for their eyes. Having it secret like so makes it special for me and assists me in my work that Why i do it.
If i post pictures of tools or alters or anything it will not be while a work is being done.

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