Prince Seere

Someone here has experiences with the Prince Seere? What can you tell me about him?


No replies yet I see, and since I don’t have any personal experience to share, I suggest typing Seere into the forum search (magnifying glass icon, top right) and see what you can find, then maybe reply on one of those threads with any questions you have after reading, to bump it. :+1:


I am getting ready to call on him today - I made him a drawing and drew his sigil on it its been sitting at the Alter for maybe 2 days. I have been giving him thought throughout the day in hopes that I could find out what he would like when I call him forward.

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I found my usual 2 sites for information - I love this one because it seems to be less fear mongering -

however its nice have insight and warning
Satan and sons has not done a Youtube Enn on him yet.
ended up using His enn- and drawing I made for him blue tea lights I had a blue pencil and a request prewritten - I called in Lord Lucifer and had his tribute there I pulled an incense out and set it to be burnt - I went down stairs to the kitchen. This demon is a guest in my house and I wanted him to know I appreciated him stepping forward I pulled out several tea packages for him to choice from. with the Pendulum I asked questions. He ended up having a bisquit with my homemade desert butter. I burnt the paper his enn was written on and after repeating it several times - I ended up going deep into connection with the “Renich Seere tu tasa”

I asked if I could give him a timeline to perform the request , I asked if he wanted blood to seal the deal. no he wanted from me public acknowledgement. I was confident in my self and very humble. I apologized that my house was not fully clean for his arrival he was fine with this I set out a table for him and will continue to work with him researching.

The best Advice I can give you is prepare your house and yourself for a prince. Someday my connections will deepen with each demon. Good luck my friend.


as he was?have you seen him?

I did dream of him last night, and this morning I found the item I was looking for I had asked if he could return it to me in 7 days and it was 2 days. Later Hail Prince Seere. You are amazing.


Recently he helped me find a missing occult book hidden by my father that i hadn’t seen in years


I’m confused with Seere.

it says his office is to put a decision in your favour.

but what is that in regards to??? money, love, sex, business???

It depends on what area the decision you want is in. It can be any of those mentioned.


I’ve been told that if a decision is about love then it’s best to get a love demon as the Prince has no interest.
money get a money demon etc

just release today :smiley: