Prince Seere

Thank you Prince Seere!

So i’ll try to keep this short and sweet as possible.
This is my story on how Prince Seere got results for me as in less than 24 hours. I’ve read about Prince Seere and watched a few videos on youtube from people who had been working with him. I’ve read that he is a money demona and can also deal with necromancy and exposing people who steals from you or return lost items.
In my case on the day I’ve read that he is good with beginners etc my charger got stolen at work. I got home and watched a video about Prince Seere again and it was a video from Tomb of Scarab where he mentioned that he can bring back lost items or expose people who stole from you.
I was like i gotta contact him and find out who stole my charger and bring it back. I got right into it… i got 3 tea candles out and drew his sigil (took my about almost an hour cause i suck at drawing) eventually i got it and looked not so bad.
I summoned him from the east and placed the 3 candles on the sigil but in a triangle form. I said his enn for about 15-20 minutes. I didn’t feel, see or hear anything but i just felt to speak and say my request. I asked him to expose whoever took my charger at work and to return it.
The next day at work i was in the canteen and a colleague of mine had a charger in her hand passing me while i was standing in the canteen making coffee. I asked her “hey let me see that charger real quick” and she showed me and i was like where did you get it cause its mine and she laughed playing it off and i was like “can i get it back please” she was like “yeah it was just here yesterday so i took it”

I did not expect Prince Seere to work THAT fast and it wasnt like something pushed me to approach the colleague of mine it just happened that i could see that it’s mine. Prince Seere is bad ass i high recommend him… If you’re new to magick work with him!

Thank you once again Prince Seere!
Hail Prince Seere!


Hail prince seer ! He’s amazing , worked with him once to find 2 lost in post items , second time to help dad find spare car keys , both were found within days :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thats awesome!

You couldn’t have described him in a better way lol

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