Prince seere is faster than the blink of an eye

so I summoned seere for the first time a couple of nights ago. he seemed really nice and was really cool. I liked the experience. but let me tell you how he worked, he solved one of my problems for me the next day and I don’t remember telling him wjhat it was. if you want a spirit who will do the job and do it quick. call up prince seere. one of the very best.


I have had that experience with other demons, congratulations for your success

So how did he work?

well he did a job that I needed done before I asked. what do u think about that?

I was just hoping for a little bit more detail. But it’s all good I know people have their privacy but I constantly read posts where people do secret rituals with an entity that they can’t name in a place they can’t disclose for reasons unknown. Which gives me a great idea for my next topic. Thanks for the inspiration I’m glad everything worked out well for you


Yes, spirits already know what you want, so the act of speaking to them, or stating what you want with spoken or written words is just a formality. I’m glad he helped you.


What do you asked?