Prince Seere faster than light

Hi Everyone!

I am starting to work with Prince Seere, i need him to influence someone to answer positively to my request asap 2 days ago. I got several signs already yesterday , and the reading i got was positive.

Have you guys already worked with him, and for which purpose?

Blessed be!
Hail Prince Seere aka Speedy Gonzales


good day Ebdr did you have any success? I am getting ready to call on him, I drew his picture and his sigil is sitting at the Demon Alter. Any insight would be great.

i might have gotten result that i haven’t been aware of lol


2 day turn around oh my goodness I asked for a week turn around and wow. Amazing. I fed him homemade bread and beef stew in thanks on the night of the pink moon, along with all my Demons.


@damia2hell and @ebdr

I just tried to contact the Prince through Sigil for a request.
if you are in contact with him could you ask if he accepted???
very important …

Thank you if you can

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or anyone lol

The irony in this thread is gold

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he got it, he says it’s been unclear though you have too much confusion about the result you want; be more focused and realistic he says

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I know this is an old post but I would love for someone to guide me to connect with Seere. How do I know he listened to me? I didn’t really feel anything special like with Clauneck or Bune but I am looking for the perfect one to make a pact. How do I know he’s interested in helping me and establishing a relationship?

Thanks in advance!

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In my experience, I wanted to have confirmation that Prince Seere heard me and that we have a pact and he gave me that after I asked him for it. Within less then a minute Prince Seere presented a physical manifestation that gave me the confirmation I asked for. Put forth your deal to him and just ask for a sign he has accepted it. Make him offerings of the things he likes, burn Cedar incense and chant his enn to connect with him. He is a night demon so it’s best to connect with him at this time. Be kind and loving towards him and see if you get a response after you ask for one. He is very kind and powerful so he may give you a quick answer. He is known for doing things very quickly. Also, don’t look out for a sign after you’ve asked for one, just let it come. You’ll know when it does. Hopefully this helped.


Thanks a lot for answering!! I will be doing this probably tomorrow… I’ve read that his days are until February 28th so I’m probably be doing it tomorrow or the day after. Thanks again!

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I’m sorry for being late, but I’m about to work with seere about a woman that I want to come back and to cry and apologize to me… will you tell what he thinks of after I do it