Prince Orobas

I know Orobas can help you with reconciliation and gaining the favor of friends and foes, but can he help me get a girl ? There is this girl i want to talk to on social media but she never answers. I never spoke to her.

I want Orobas to get me her attention first so we can start talking and then give me her undivied attention(make her not speak with anyone else) and then make us date. I know there are other demons who can do this but i want to know if Orobas specifically can do it .

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Orobas says, “No… noo, nooo.” Shaking his head too. :wink:

No, you need to be who you really are, and don’t give her so much attention. That will attract her, IF there’s any chance of that happening. It’s all vibrational. There are plenty of spirits who can help you remember and be who you really are.


Orobas is a straight shooter. He has garnered a lot of respect for that. He might be more graciously inclined to help you refine yourself to become the kind of person that she might like…or don’t forget about Zepar, Gaap, Amon and others with gaining favor and the like. Maybe the Infernal Queens might help you as well.