Prince Amon Does it work for men

I want to make peace with my ex again, There’s still some love between us but our cities are far, He didn’t want to meet when he left. There’s no point in going 492 kilometers.Do you think it will work in me quickly, We are the same as before, we are still friends but we care less can I be lovers again.

It should work to attract either Men and Women no problem. But keep in mind people are complicated, so if the person you want to attract is attracted to you and open to starting things again, then it will work fast and smoothly, but if not then you might face some resistance, in which case you’ll need to do magick on what is holding them back. But also, once the magick is done, just go with the flow and try not to think too much about the magick, just focus on the situation and do what you need to do in real-life to try and attract this person as well.

@Dankquanicus is correct. The desire to attract a specific person does not permit the magick to work freely and can set you up to fail.

This is one of my ‘pet peeves’ in magick and I see it so often in the Law of Attraction groups - “How can I get my ex back?” It’s better to focus on what you desire than the who. This allows the All to provide you a solution easier that might be better for you.

What should I do to make the magic work correctly?

Set your desire on what you want. The personality traits, the appearance, the temperament. It’s fine to desire someone like the person you had, but by asking for someone like your ex instead of specifically your ex allows the All to send someone that is more ready to be with you.

In addition, I’d say to ask for help to truly make peace with your ex and understanding that it ended. This is different than wanting them back, this is setting your mind at peace with what is. Much like forgiveness is more about you letting go than the person you are forgiving.