Primordial Love?

I called on the Light Elves yesterday and I inadvertently channeled a message from them. They said “love is a primordial force”. Has anyone got any thoughts on that? I’ve never thought of it in that way.


Not to belittle your experience, but it makes sense. It’s a pretty base emotion when you think about it. It’s people that complicate it’s definition, but the feeling itself is pretty simple.

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Light and love are one


Interesting they would call is a force.

I get that Love is A Dragon that is very Similar in Nature to Tiamat

Like how Tiamat has a Dark Presence around her when she is near, this being has a powerful influence around her/him when it is near. That influence is called Love

But i also get that this Dragon is REALLY fuckin dark. Lol

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I’ve always thought of the feminine half of everything as a dragon. That could be an aspect of Tiamat herself that you’re getting @Micah.

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As a Primordial force it would not really fit the description of being a feeling. I’ve just never heard it called a force.

Everything is a force including yourself.

@J.A.Ragnarson, it sounds about right. Love leads to sex, an aspect of creation, forces of creation are primordial.

I would argue that emotion is a force, as it is an agent of creation.

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Ah but what comes first, the force or the emotion?

I think the emotion causes the force so logically the emotion comes first right ? I mean even animals and plants need the emotion of hunger to hunt or produce Glucose. This concept can be used on any aspect of life so of course “love” and the urge to reproduce is one of the strongest primordial force, right next to eating/the want to live.
Just my opinion thoo :ok_woman: and not a philosophic one…

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What about forces that pre-existed physical beings and human consciousness? Emotion produced those forces? Was it the emotion of the source?

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I don’t think you can explain it that simply, it is like the question “what came first the chicken or the egg?” And you can’t answer it because it is a process. The one does not go with the other and now we can see the outcome of that process but can’t imagine the origin.
That’s why no one can explain the big bang for sure and everyone has their own thesis.
But everyone kinda describes the same thing; a thing no one knows. Sure there are different names throughout every religion like chaos, source, nothingness etc. But I think that is a question nobody will answer for sure, at least not in the near future :smile:
It could have been the emotion of a god or of the source itself but something had to give a starting point and maybe it was a combination of everything. Like I said nobody knows :thinking: and this question bugs humanity for a long time, that’s why we do have that much theories about it. Imo we can think our whole life about it but we may never know for sure so we just have to accept that.

If you think about it, if you create something like anything astral or real the creation may never know why you created it. For example if you make youself something to eat and you forget it, the bacteria starts to grow and it may have a consciousness but will never know why and how it was created at all but it will live its life. So you could say the creation I made was a combination of the emotion of forgetting/laziness and the force of me putting it there and letting it be.

Yeah bad example I know but do you get my point? :sweat_smile:

Love is the Law. Love under Will.

“Love” is a word for the most powerful force in the universe. I think that, in terms of esoteric and magickal application, “Love” is not necessarily the first thing that people think about when presented with this word.
It’s bigger than that, and broader.

Working with Lilith, the word she used was “Beauty”. Beauty and Light, rather than Love and Light. That, in my opinion, sheds some light (haha) on the concept.

Either way…primordial? Absolutely. Being a driving, balancing force of all of existence, it would definitely be described as primordial, vis a vis coming before all the things in this creation.


Love makes people do crazy stupid and incredible things they would have never dreamed of. I dont know if you’ve seen the movie “Impossible”. It came out in 2012. Its been a while since I’ve seen it but it makes me think of that. A family was visiting Japan or some country when a tsunami hit. The mother was on the edge of death the entire time, but jumped through hoops to find her children. With the love she had in her heart she did the “impossible”. She was a force to be reckoned with.

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Yeah, makes sense. Like and dislike, of any kind ( love falls into ‘like’ category) are the most fundamental force, instinct in nature.

Love is the building block of all Creation. A deep, crushing, terrifying capital L Love that knows no beginning, no end, and is all consuming. The closest earthly experience would be in the deepest depths of the ocean, where not even Light can reach. In the suffocating darkness and pressure you would perhaps get a taste of it. It is indeed primordial, and nothing and no one can stand against it for it IS everything and nothing.

The emotion we feel and call “love” is a pale imitation to that cosmic Force. Passion and madness don’t even hold a candle to It. It is the Love the Eternal has for Its children, and it is terrifying beyond all description. It is not fluffy, it is not beautiful, it is not like the simple love a parent has for their child. It is a horror beyond all comprehension, and something not even the darkest demon could ever dream up. There is a reason it is said that to look upon the face of God leads to either insanity or death. How can one look upon the Fire of Creation itself and not be burned?

Few have touched it and none have come away unscathed.


I have to say this was the most thought provoking thing I read today.

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