Preventing a property from being sold

Hi guys, my mom has found online a great and cheap house in another country where she wants to live in retirement. The earliest we can see the house is 2-3 weeks from now. Since comparable houses cost at least twice as much, we fear that it will be sold soon. What demon or angel could prevent the owner from selling the house before we can visit it?

Just claim it in your mind. Use the Law of Assumption and assume it is already yours. Declare it. It doesn’t matter if someone else puts in an offer, or even if the owner accepts that offer, you have decided it is yours and so it is.


How right you are! I hadn’t thought of that at all… Many thanks for the reminder! :blush: Yes, we fell in love with the house and it’s already ours…

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Say it outloud to yourselves a few time to help push this further. The house is yours. You own it. Speak it into existence.

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Thank you :slight_smile: We will do that.

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