Pretty interesting experience the other night

So long time to no see balg forums!!! So the other night Lucifer contacted me to talk about certain aspects of my life that I am still working on such as moving forward with my goals pertaining to my music, confidence in other aspects of my life. One if the things I asked him earlier in the month was ways I can concur my stutter and if it is a biological problem or a mental issue. He assured me it was mental but also to mediate on it. But yesterday I was on a walk and was followed by five cats one black , gray, orange, black and white , and multicolored one I stop to have a ciggerette then a I felt a hot energy overtake me then I heard a voice say your inability to remove toxicity will inhibit your spiritual and mental wellbeing. Does anyone have any thoughts on that I think I understand the toxicity part I think.
It could either be one the smoking or my constant thinking about not stuttering???

Any thoughts on that and what about the cats?
I know Baal sometimes appears as a cat but five cats but I’m confused in The Whole situation


Stop smoking. Nicotine is a toxic drug.

About de katz…

I dunno?

Yea ik I’m working on it thinking it might be more criptic then just stop smoking!!! Lucifer is not that simple as I learned

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Yeah smoking is not good, you should quit. Also don’t think negative thoughts so much, it’s hard but it’s necessary.

Regarding the Cats🤔 I think their colors represent something, I’m not going to state what it is since I have the feeling you need to identify it on your own.

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