Pressure on third eye after sigil charging

Basically here is what happens when i charge a sigil. I focus on my breathing until I am in the theta gamma sync, then gaze into the sigil. I will notice that there will be small amounts of light around the lines that manifests quickly, then certain parts will disappear. After a few moments the parts will disappear faster until the whole sigil starts disappearing. At this point i will feel a very strong pressure from my ajna which pushes out when i breathe outwards and then goes inwards when i breathe in… Does anyone else experience this?

Yea, this is how I experience it quite frequently as well - your description is pretty solid. A slight variation for me is that the pieces of the sigil generally start disappearing first, and then the light outlines start happening as the sigil is flashing.

It doesn’t happen like this every time, but pretty often. Maybe I don’t have as much control/practice yet, so it isn’t as precisely consistent in how it happens each time. Also, the third-eye pressure is not all the time, though when it is tangible as you described, it tends to happen with that expanding/contracting pressure.

My paper is white that I draw the sigil on. I can tell when that white paper turns black behind that sigil…then it flashes half there and the other half is gone,back and forth. Sometimes it moves to different locations…but the thing I can never forget is the time I was using a triangle on my altar drawn on thin particle board and painted with circle in middle and therein I had black mirror placed…the triangle board rose up off the altar and curved into a “S” on the end where I was sitting…that was the most profound I have ever seen…and I said “Uncle Fester” I think your buddy has arrived" I will NEVER forget that…

Uncle Fester

Necro, that is spot on what happens to me when I charge a sigil. I thought I was weird when it felt like my ajna was inhaling and exhaling energy as I was breathing, sometimes it can feel pretty intense. One extra thing that happens to the sigil when it starts to flash, is that more lines are added and some of the original lines disappear, so it looks like a different sigil all together. But that doesn’t happen all too often.

That is very similar to what I experience. Usually the sigil will look like it is floating off the paper and and then flashes. Then I feel (and this a little hard to explain) like I have a large open wound (that doesn’t hurt) in my forehead. Like a raw eye socket if you will.
I used to sometimes put a sigil on flash paper and when I felt I had the sigil charged would light the paper and the flash would burn the image into my retina. Then with my eyes closed I could still see it and would project it out.
A cool effect.


I have a similar pressure near my Ajna though it pulsates slowly and independently of my breathing. The sigil’s lines will disappear, and flash back at me usually in a neon pink then turn to black.

My most memorable sigil opening was for Ant’harr’atu. The line started to disappear from the back and slowly followed the linear pattern of his sigil to the opposite end. Then flashed at once into 3D pink lines.

What i get is similar with Necromasters.
Are you guys getting cool results with your desires using the charged sigils?