Pressure on my forehead

So, I’m feeling a kind of constant pressure on my forehead.

I did research the forum and asked to clarify, and people has told me that it is most likely a chakra opening. This has been happening for a while, in my attempt to contact Lucifer. But it isn’t happening just when I attempt to open the sigil. It is happening at other times, and it is likely that it is happening all the time and I’m not aware of it.

It doesn’t happens with the same intensity all the time. Tonight I tried to reach Lilith and while opening the sigil I felt way stronger. I think I did feel her energy. But even now, I do feel the pressure, even if it isn’t the same.

So, the question is: is this normal or do I have to see a doctor?


In my experience, yes it’s your Third Eye opening. It happens to me when I’m meditating and reciting Lucifer’s enn. The more I relax and surrender my senses to him, the harder the pressure. Basically it’s like tuning my frequency to his, and this is how I know I made contact or that we’re in the right channel.

With Lilith it’s different. I feel bolts of energy in my arms and hands. With Samael, warm liquid energy flooding my chest.


Thanks mate.

But it is normal for this to happen when I’m not meditating? Because it is happening right now. It is weaker, but it is happening.

Sometimes deities use that as something to get your attention into something around you, like a big “Hey! This is important! Check it out.”

I had my own medical/psychological concerns about it at first. But then I questioned to myself when did all this start to happen? My answer was plain and simple, when I was being inducted to follow my actual path. After that, many things have happened to the extend that the logical reasoning would not be able to explain. So, in my case, it was a way for me to connect with the spiritual realm.

Now, if this has happened to you in the past, before your magickal practicing, then go and get checked by a doctor. Hopefully, nothing’s wrong.


Totally normal man. I think of it like as we call them through candles, sigils, enns, etc they can call on us by giving us signs like pressure in the middle of the forehead. I get that often, it usually leads into me researching and reading, and ultimately doing something with my rituals. It feels like a thumb being pressed right on your forehead, like hey I want to talk to you :slight_smile: if its more like a headache pain, try President Marbas or Archangel Raphael both are healers and may help you understand it better


Thanks a lot.

No, it’s not a headache. Not even pain. It is something notorious while meditating, but even right now I’m feeling it, and I didn’t do anything occult related today. But it is pretty soft, it’s annoying, just something that IS there.

As you go further, you’ll find things that even in doing things that aren’t necessarily in our minds a connection, may infact be a connection. For instance you go for a walk and see two ravens, you may not even notice them consciously but in a way our subconscious does, then you start to feel that pressure in your forehead or behind your eye, maybe its Odin, maybe its allergies from the ragweed. Who can tell? Once you start in an occultic or esoteric path, it finds you whether you know it or not. Its like in star wars, you’ve entered into a much larger world, and that world wants your attention. Also have you given any thought to do a banishing ritual, just to clear the air and energy around you?

Yes and no.

I started following Morrison’s advice and all he said about banishing was about imagining (I don’t know if that’s the word) a force field expanding from myself until it surrounds the house. Since I really didn’t have any other real results (other than Bune giving me a big smile and Ganesh busting my productivity), I may not have need it.

Do you think I should do more?

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Thats what i do, and i would say imagining is the right word :slight_smile: our imaginations are powerful tools, I practice mine very similarly, like once I’m done with my ritual work I say out loud “I have completed my ritual, I send all the energy I have brought forth back into the cosmos, I thank (whichever spirits or entities) for gathering tonight” then in my mind I think of it like gathering all the energy around me, into a focal point, cross my arms and swing them out imagining a blast of wind, like a bomb going off, clearing all things that may linger.

Kinda like this, but i don’t see it as destructive or harmful just a means to send things back into the cosmos as to continue on with “normal” life.
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Awesome, thanks!

I alse added a little twist to what I read from Morrison and imagine 4 mechanical winged warriors that come out from the ground and opend their wings to the sky, when I take a breath, I imagine all the force field retracting until it surrounds just my body, like an aura.

Also, whenever I think I’m done I said “I wish there is always peace between you and me, [SPIRIT]. To every curious spirit that has listened, this was a private conversation between [SPIRIT] and me, please leave”.

It is amazing knowing that I’m making progress. Thanks a lot, again, mate.