"Presidents may be called anytime EXCEPT twilight or at night unless the sorcerer calls forth one of the four kings"

The topic statement is from a certain “luciferian goetia”. I find this statement a two headed coin- ok “may be called upon anytime except twilight”- ok got that…OR at night unless the sorcerer… " well you read the heading. That’s sorta open for interpretation. Is that to say presidents can or can’t be evoked at night- the verbiage is open for interpretation, the word “or” would be a little more clear if it said and

Good question, I think if it meant calling them at night was fine without a king, it would have said “At any time, including at night, EXCPET twilight…”

I don’t even really understand or practice this more obscure stuff but that’s how I would interpret that sentence.

it was a goetic grimore not sure if I mentioned that or not. Author is one of EA’s collaborators and is included In one of the anthologys of sorcery

Oh right, because it sounded more old-school - have you tried contacting them?

I’m still 99% certain of my reading of it, but if they’re alive it might be worth checking. The old grimoire authors were working under conditions we can barely imagine, with the Church and society ready to kill them for what they did, but they did also in my opinion include things that were a bit overly cautious or even redundant, however, if an author now living suggested this, it must be from experience, and not some ancient idea of what has to be done.

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No he’s very much alive. It was Michael W Ford.

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It was from Fords First edition- its since been re-worked under a slightly different name but I have yet to read- Luciferian Goetia Book of the Howling. There’s a new edition out that I’m eager to read titled goetia book of shadows. I know this im referring to another post and not sure if you remember but it was him that advised me that it didn’t matter if sigils where drawn on a Mcdonalds napkin- it is your energy that gives it power. I hold that in great esteem as he easily could’ve just said I need this and that and try to sell my a bunch of stuff from his store front. Lot of respect for that man as a magician, philosopher, and musician. To be honest it was him who inspired me through his black metal band black funeral to dig deeper into this and curiosity gave way to practice


Yes, I do remember that - that was very cool that he didn’t try to spin it to make some easy $$$. :slight_smile:

I thought everyone’s complaint about Ford is it is just basically a copy of the old lesser key from Crowley Mathers and doesn’t include any new relevant information. It got crap reviews everywhere, not that it was bad per ce, but just redundant.
What if we got a bunch of newbies to try calling up presidents at twilight and see what happens…
Anyway, I guess the night line means don’t call at night unless a king is present.
I’ve been ignoring old grimoire instructions pretty much lately with the exception of the actual seals that I draw.

There are so many goetias out there. I have no complaints whatsoever about the man or his (Michael W Ford) authorship and can give only praise to his works. Blatantly and openly proclaims in beginning Luciferian Magick that- and I’m paraphrasing a touch but not by much-poet didn’t know it- individual interpretation and criticism is not only welcomed but strongly encouraged. Free of strict dogma just free thought and use what you feel is relavent and dismiss what you don’t. Recommend to anyone especially since things are made so clear and is a confidence builder to have an accomplished sorcerer and author tell you ritual can be a useful tool to get you in the mindset but not as important as the fundamentals of will,desire,belief. Also I praise him for- and I believe I just wrote this on another post as well- dismissing the ridiculous notion and old tradition of insulting demonic royalty by essentially threatening with Abrahamic religion/angelic protection. Welcome them don’t threaten.