Hi everyone, my name is Luis and I’m from Monterrey, Mexico, I’m 26 years old and I was inmerged in this topics since I was 12 years old, so along this long road I’ve met a lot of people and teachers who taught me about different subjects, like psyquic powers, magick and reincarnation, also I’ve since early age the ability to manipulate my energy, other people’s aura and from the surroundings, also ESP. I’ve got more interested in altered states of consciousness so I practiced them and to certain degree mastered them, also I’ve learn how to cast spells.
I got so deeply in those different meditative states that I discovered that I’ve multiple beings inside me and various godforms, one of them and the most important is Shiva.
But for my totak surprise, something that amused me was that my gf and I found a community of people claiming to have a non human soul in their bodies (otherkins) and also we noticed that in that group, avatars/vessels of deities were extremely rare (they called them god-kins) so, when I found this page, it was sort of ironic and funny and I was very amazed and surprised that here everyone had a godform. A larger world definitely.
So I hope that I can learn more about everyone and everything here and viceversa :smiley:, also I’ve a doubt but I don’t know if this was covered in a past thread, is about why everyone had a godform? :thinking: I know that is “the higher self of the higher self” buy why it manifested in different gods?
Greetings and blessings



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Welcome the the Family! we’re all glad to have you here, if you need anything or have any questions dont be afraid to ask.

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