Hi im john i am from Colombia i have 19 years and i am interesing for search magic things my English is not good i like the left hand path goetzia and nature Magic i dont have experience with magic :confused: thanks for read this horrible presentation

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Hi there,

Do you have any experience in magick? If so, how long and what have you practiced?

Also, can you elaborate a little more in what are you interested in?

Thank you and welcome to our community.

PS: We do have a private group for native Spanish speakers.


Hola ya puse las preguntas en la presentación una pregunta cual es wl grupo para hablantes de español??

We are NOT allowed to speak Spanish in the forum at large; only in private messages.

I’ll add you to the Spanish speakers group.


He already answered that lol

Thank you for asking the questions though, my friend :slight_smile:


No, he edited later, as he said in his message in Spanish, which I already told him we are not allowed to do here.


Ya lo vi gracias

Welcome to the forum