Presence in my bedroom

I have been reading my Rituals of pleasure each night, some nights do something else, last night i red book up to page 75, then summon dark entity in other room, then go to bed, i remember when i close my eyes to go to sleep straight away i constantly seeing on the inside of my eyelids, usually pitch black a single gigantic moving eyeball, a eyeball the color of the eye was gray, then i eventually drift of to sleep then not long after i got this real creepy feeling something was in my room which i open my eyes i was drowsy i saw a black figure standing next to my bed next to me then it walked off with quick foot steps, then i say out loud you can stay hear as long as you want, an invertation, i think it was a demonic entity or evil spirit, it was too dark to be classed human my home was still locked when i got out of bed 11 am.


Sounds like you met a shadow man.

It may have been your Domovoy (household protection spirit), or a vedogon (spirit protector of sleeping bodies). Both of them are usually invisible and aren’t used to being seen.

Speaking of Domovoys, you should try to find its home and offer it porridge, a happy Domovoy is something you definitely want.

So would i find its home?

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I have never heard of a Domovoy before, what are they actually. Are they like fairies?

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It’s usually under the threshold, in the foundation (that wooden board that runs along your floor), or in your hearthstone.

Yes, the closest analogue to Domovoy are fairies. They’re household spirits and there are a few different theories about what they are. Some say that it’s the deified ancestor, continuing to protect his descendants. Some say that it’s a “kin” form of Bog Rod, Creator of All Things. Either way, it’s a protective house spirit and it protects the children from danger and it protects the home from invaders. It’s activity can be confused with a poltergeist, but it’s largely benevolent. Traditional offerings were bread and milk. But, if there is too much strife and conflict in a house then the Domovoy can become aggressive, or just outright leave. It is also one of my favorite characters from Slavic mythology.

I think that most houses don’t have Domovoy anymore, because no one gives them offerings. An idol of a Domovoy will be my next purchase after an idol of Bog Veles. And I’ll jimmy up some ritual to call a Domovoy into my house.

Slava Bogum!

Well tonight i cooked 4 pieces of toast with jam on, when i finished eating i usually put the plate on the ground next to my lounge i sit on like i am now, plate usually have crumbs on it usually a lot of crumbs then tonight i just took plate into kitchen their is not many left, i don’t have any uncle toby oats available, im too lazy to purchase from Coles, and when i do i usually cook uncle toby porage at night with suger and straight milk to give a sweet taste then cover top of porage in bowl with suger eat that then spinkle another layer of suger 3 to 4 X until finished then place empty bowl with porage resedue what i don’t finish on ground next to my 2Ltr bottle of coke watch Tv until 1 am to 2 am, before i trace the pentagram to contact Hell, i take empty bowl to wash then put bowl away, the go and turn PlayStation 4 pro off, turn Lamp in lounge on grab my pentagrams of the 9th gatekeeper from underneath my bed, then go to my 2nd bedroom sit on chair face north with bedroom light out so only lounge room lamp light cast a soft light on what i do.

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I don’t think crumbs would be a sufficient offering for your Domovoy, and he wouldn’t steal from you unless he was already in a bad mood. And if you had an angry Domovoy you would know it. Then the shadow was probably just a Vedogon. They’re spirits that protect you while you sleep because when you sleep your spirit leaves your body.

It was standing next to my bed it sounded female, it wasn’t inside me wicked feeling freakish.

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Female? Then it may have been a Kikimora. They’re the cause of nightmares and are the darker versions of Domovoy. Where Domovoy are protective house spirits, Kikimoras are aggressive, and they drain your life force. Maybe you should find out, ask one of your demon buddies.

It wasn’t threatening at all.

Can you send me a mail please we need to talk