Presence Compilation Thread

Hey everybody, this thread is for recording the presence you’ve felt with an entity, how their presence feel like/look like/taste like. (My astral senses are just opening up again and I feel like a baby that just got to taste everything around me.:joy: I find it really interesting to hear about what others have felt while working with entities.)

Let me start with the first one and some backstory.

I’ve just gotten back into actively practicing recently and was making my(long overdue) shield with my energy a few days back. (I practice psionics and is very very sensitive to energy) Halfway through fortifying my golden egg dome, I was invaded by something black on the lower back of my spine. Like a slap down to earth, I was shook to my senses and lost all feeling of my egg shield and lost track of what I was doing, couldn’t get back into visualising for a short while too. Got a nasty lower back pain and feel generally drained drained for the next 2 days.

After much reading on this site and various books, I’ve decided to ask the help of a greater force to cleanse and protect me. (My first time calling out to someone by purpose)

I called for Kwan Yin, Goddess of mercy in my astral voice since I am kind of familiar with her and she have a reputation of being easy to work with and answering quickly to anyone who needs her. Within minutes of calling, I feel a light blue presence around me, it felt airy like a breeze after a spring rain, like somebody caressing you in a chiffon/silk scarf, generally a lovely energy to be in. I feel myself being cleansed by this light blue energy, thanked her and she left. Now I’m still recovering from this lower back pain but it’s getting better.

That was my experience with Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy. What was your experience with other entities?

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