Prepatory immersion

U giys are awesome. Just wanted to tell everybody that. As far as studying about the spirit you wont to evoke goes. I thoght that that was bad. Because youd have a preconception and be more likely to make it up in your head. Not truly see it. If that makes any sense.

The simple answer is, make things up in your head then compare them to the spiritual experiences you have - you’ll know the difference. Find the movie star or model you lust after, imagine meeting them by chance, you click, you go out and talk - feel the difference between how that interaction goes, and how a spiritual converstaion goes. You can silence them, or make them say anything you want, do anything you want, be anything you want.

Then evoke a spirit, a real one, and try and make them do the same.

I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t get why people even fear this, unless they never daydream enough to know one from the other?

I agree with you to a point jaysalamone, that we need to be in control of our thoughts and remain aware of the spirit rather than our made up idea of it. This could be a problem if a person created a mental fantasy (daydream) of talking with a spirit, and then wondering why they did not get any results.

However I have to disagree that perperatory immersion is not required. That is like going to meet someone at a crowded shopping center and not knowing their name, what they look like, or what kind of clothes they will be wearing. The immersion is there so that in some ways you can test the spirit to make sure it really is who you wanted to get in contact with. If they look different and act different than the being you wanted to contact, you will know. Without the immersion you won’t. That’s just one example of the value of it. There are others, like reinforcing belief structures to create mental certainty, etc.