Preparing for lucifer/declutter-purge/sacrifices

Hi I am very new to the Church of Satan. It’s going to be a couple of weeks before I can purchase a copy of the satanic bible (unless I sell enough clutter)

Anyway, I found a ritual for calling upon Lucifer from the new order and it seems ideal for newbies.

I feel like before I do this I need to prepare my home, declutter, clean and tidy everywhere.

Any advice on what Lucifer likes and dislikes and what I should throw out. I get the impression that listening to feng shui advice would be a good idea. I have goddess oracle cards and no idea if these are angelic or a magick tool?

And, how do I make sacrifices? The video said to give him something that is hard to part with such as money or smoking. Why would I want to give him my smoking addiction? Would you burn the money as a sacrifice? I don’t understand this bit.

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offerings are really what you agree on if he wants you to stop then give him your adiction but stick to it lol all n all be kind and respectful listen to his every word i hear he is stern with his underlings make sure you use the right color candles to he n keep a note of what he says and ants so you dont forget

Hi bunny4cam!
Can you please be more specific? You seems to a lot… can you give us a clear example on what to offer, candles and more?
thank you :wink:

candles and insenst are good to start with i know some like chocolate tea coffee pancakes cake cookies shiney things (no joke im serious) music maybe if you sing have a nice voice you can sing your fav song read a book to them a poam dedicate one of those them if you write its very simple things really i havent worked with lucifer yet but im sure he isnt hard to figure out really all you need to do is invoke him and ask maybe make a list


Thank you for a quick answer!
You right, maybe you over-complicate things as your new. Is it okey if i text you when its been done? :blush:

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i love to hear about updates so of course i dont mind

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For Lucifer, roses or poems, etc are good offerings. I would ask him though!