Preparatory Immersion

I’ve read a couple of posts where people are saying they do PI right before an evocation,and I think this is something I’m not delving into enough and it seems to be pretty vital

I would like to hear the methods that you guys use and see if I can work out something more effective.

Use the method I gave you before:

You can also contemplate the office of the spirit and the many ways the description of the office can be interpretted and applied to your life. For example if a spirit provides invisibility do you think you’ll be transparent or just go unnoticed or unseen by others? You can use incense and light appropriate to the spirit while in your temple to help as well. Working with a King gold light and frankencese, a Duke green light and sandalwood etc etc. If you unaware of the rank use the planetary correspondence of its commanding spirit. Read any myths or legends of the spirit if available, contemplate its appearance, make all this as real as possible in your mind before calling on the spirit.

If you need help with correspondences google can usually be of good use as well as Crowley’s Liber 777.

The longer the immersion the better the results.

Excellent advice brother! My main problem is there are a lot of spirits I can’t find a whole lotta info on such as the ones in the ME course workbook

I would say open their sigils and talk to them. Ask them how to immerse yourself in their current.