Premonition Update

So an update on one of my female friend’s dead brother: As you recall, I predicted the body would be found on a Tuesday (it was). When my friend arrived back from Washington state from retrieving her brother’s ashes, I spent the night at her house. Her brother had drowned in salt water and had floated there for 2 weeks until they had retrieved the body. Last night when I spent the night at her house, there was an overwhelming smell of salt water and fish. Mind you, I live WAY out in the middle of the California, Butt Fuck Egypt desert nowhere near water of any sort much less salt water. My friend smelled it too. Any thoughts? I 100% believe he was there. But the atheists among us here on BALG don’t even believe in a person’s spirit, etc. Any thoughts?


i believe in a persons spirit. I see them too much to not.
he probably was there.


He was there alright. Don’t listen to the atheists. Most of them are just as blind as the Christians.


Would be interesting to ask how he died.

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Being an athiest doesn’t rule out spiritual existence (life) after death, any more than not believing in a creator God rules out believing in life whilst alive.

I’m NOT an atheist per se (I believe in a singular, manifold, and void Source which underlies all things, and also, various co-creator gods and Divine ancestors) but I want to clarify that atheism of the most hardcore kind still doesn’t have to mean dead is dead, in terms of logic. :wink:

And my vote goes with “it was him” btw. Since you received impressions linked to how he died, it might not be a bad idea to light a candle for him and ask that he be safely carried on to the next plane of existence.


Its not unusual for a person who passes away to visit the people who they were closest to first before they cross over. I have heard of this time and time again.