Premonition pulled from a collective subconscious before chaos magick?

I enjoy using good old chaos sigil magick on a regular basis, and over time I have noticed a trend, both with myself and others I have spoken to/ listened to and read from. Every so often we get a manifestation that begs the question: Was my choice of intent due to my subconsciously picking up the thought, almost like a radio signal?

In example: The system I use for chaos magick involves mixing sigils for things I do not care remotely about with ones that I do care for. About two weeks ago I figured I would make a sigil for something I do not care for, so I made one to have a newspaper brought to my home. I drew it out, gave it a pre-charge, and went about my day. My mate comes home and she had gotten the mail on the way in. There is a local newspaper mixed in with the envelopes. "What’s the newspaper for (she sometimes uses them for projects)? “Oh, nothing. It was in the mailbox.” It turns out the local rag was running a promotion and sending all town residents free newspapers for a week to drum up sales.

Now of course I did not cause this. That paper was printed and on the mail truck before I had even decided to sit and make a sigil that day, and I never read the newspaper where I am; I consider them all crap. The fact remains that I picked up on this.If this had been a solo incident, or one of a very few, I would chalk it up to coincidence (yes I know that magick is directed coincidence but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar), but over a long period I have noticed it happen enough times where I have ruled that explanation out in my mind.

I think it is a case of unintentionally getting a “download” from a collective subconscious. Someone knew there was a paper on it’s way to my home, this thought was out there, and my third eye picked up that thought like a radio receiver. Not in a miss Cleo, bullshit sense, but in an as yet unexplained function of our minds that is an atrophied option for our species as a whole.

This kind of thing is why I tend to lean towards an external model regarding spiritual energy. There is a common element all things have, in terms of being, but it seems like there is an autonomous aspect that is often unappreciated, and it goes beyond the subjective experience of the individual. It’s kind of like the age old conundrum: If a tree falls in the woods and there are no ears to hear it does it make noise? My answer is this: It will make a vibration from the impact of the fall, but there are no ears to perceive that vibration in what we could call noise. The trees that surround it would feel those vibrations, but in a range of senses and perceptions that we cannot appreciate because we have no way to translate there experience in a way we could understand. Regardless, the vibration resulting from impact is objective and separate from the ground, the falling tree, or anything else able to have some kind of interaction with that vibration, even though all of them are still intrinsically linked in the scenario. The vibration enters the physical forms around it and do their thing, but those same vibrations would not exist without the entirety of it’s surroundings; perception is moot in this case, because inanimate material with no consciousness is still part of the equation.


Time is meaningless for some of the beings I work with, so I wouldn’t be too sure you didn’t cause it. Affecting the past is very much within the realm of plausibility. Time is not as one directional as many think.


I agree, and this is the other side of the coin. How do you think this relates to the second half of my rant? Do you think that the nature of entities or currents changes in a model where I could have caused this? I still think that timelessness does not change the autonomous aspect of some entities. I think some of them exist outside of the “sphere” of other ones, and are a larger part of an even bigger whole, while everything else in the smaller “spheres” is still part of it. This is the kind of stuff that makes my brain hurt and at the same time keeps me driven.


EA has spoken about spirits mutating over time based on the era and the idiosyncratic psychology and needs of the people within each era.

One of my UPG’s with Lucifer where I asked why people say he has many masks seems to back this theory up.

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I, of course, am one of the biggest proponents out there of the idea that these beings are both external and autonomous. I consider these beings as much real external beings as me or you. That seems the best explanation to me.


Yes, that fits some of my findings too, did a post about a very similar thing here recently:

Same kind of concept, applied to core shamanism. :thinking:

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What i think is when you charge your sigil, it affects the possible future timelines effectively collapsing it into single outcome thereby affecting past retroactively. I agree with @TheStorm that time is not linear as many think but spherical.

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such things happens to all of us I guess, one way or the other.
“synchronicity concept” of Jung in a way; acausal parallelism and meaningful coincidences may provide some explanation for that (and may lead to more questions too)

I’m still in the air as to whether it was that I caused the effect or if I picked up on the fact it was going to happen.

Sometimes things just pop in there kind of like a radio wave, so theoretically the ‘inspiration’ for that sigil could have been one of those instances.

But at the same time I have seen an intentional effect happen soon enough times where it would have to be due to an effected sequence of events in a non linear fashion.

Either way, fun to explore.


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