Preliminary Exercise in Evoking Eternity

Hey, All.

I’ve started working on the preparatory exercise for sensing spirits as given in Evoking Eternity and I noticed that it does not mention dismissing the spirits you are calling near. Is this because they are only called near and not forth into materialization? Is there no need for a dismissal?

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m pretty sure your right about not having to dismiss them because you are simply calling near some wandering spirits, but if it makes you feel better, just give some vain dismissal while your in your god state. “Go now, and return from whence you came.” Or something like that. What ever you think will work best for you basically.

There are two factors here: you’re not calling them into full materialization; and wandering spirits are often not extremely powerful nor extremely negative. You can definitely banish if you feel it necessary for your case.

I will also point out, though, that I personally don’t often banish at all. I call up the spirits, I discuss the concern and my suggested route to resolution, and then I ask them to go out into the world to bring this vision to pass. And they usually do. If I sense a particular hostility or bane tunneling in my direction, I’ll get rid of it, but for the most part there’s not much need for banishing.

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Thanks for the advice, E.A. and jbtaylor. It’s greatly appreciated.

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Is there anyway you could do a youtube video of you performing your favorite and most effective banishing ritual?