Could anyone here predict outcomes of certain events ?? In one case for wining money from betting or things that type of nature ??
Example : betting on certain team in sports (win/draw/lose situation) and knowing before who will win and who will lose , or will the results be draw-draw.
Possible ?


Oh, there are probably a few people out there who can do that sort of thing, but I doubt they would ever admit it, for obvious reasons. I would be extremely wary if someone comes along making such a claim.


I’ve heard from a few others that when it comes to predictions for selfish gains the ability of the practitioner will have to strain afterwards. Keep in mind the people I heard this from were mostly right hand pathed


I do sports betting by divination. I haven’t gotten to 100% reliability, but I am 75-80% successful.


This is as close as most of us will get. Divination is a powerful tool; while it may not give you the winning Powerball number 75%-80% is pretty damned good.


That seems quite ridiculous to me. How would that make any difference? Then again I am pretty sure not a lot of people here do divinations like I do. I have a few rather exotic methods that I prefer to use.


Thanks everyone for replying. Would anyone who is really good at it , wanted to work with me ? I mean that two of us work together?? Maybe we could earn some profit. Im not very rich but i could spend and invest some money on this project. Like 2 or 3 people all work together , our chances maybe could increase to profit. Either way if one loses other would profit in one way or another . Is anyone interested ?

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Well, first of all gain the necessary information on how your divination system and sports betting or stock markets work. Do research.

Do a divination on a basketball, and note what happens. Then make the connection that such and such result in divination means such and such result in the future. This will help you to better predict the outcome using divination.


With that type of success rate, you can get very wealthy very fast betting sports, that is until the sportsbooks kick you out. You have to win 52.4% of the time just to break even because of the 10% vig.

What sports do you bet on? Being that you’re Canadian, I’m guessing hockey, curling, professional moose tossing, and snowmobile racing events such as The Maple Syrup 500 :smile:

But seriously, if you can consistently have a high winning percentage, you can do quite well.


I agree. I was suprised as well , when he wrote that.

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I think that with magic, anything is possible. Ashton’s tarot readings for me have been spot on, so him having a high success rate with sports betting divination does not surprise me at all. I just hope he remembers his pal Dollarvaluemenu when he hits it big :smile:


I will advice you to perform an evocation to any spirit of money…or fortune…Bune is great and I guarantee you she will introduce you to spirits that will do that task for you…