Predicting the future

Lately, I’ve been noticing that I can predict/foretell the future. Here are a couple of events: Yesterday I kept thinking that I would have a nose bleed and you guessed I just had one. I still have the tissue in my nose. Another event I actually posted on here. I hope this doesn’t count as a duplicate post. So, on the thread called “Interesting Use For EA Koetting’s Universal Circle” the interesting use was using it while you are sleeping. Before I read that part of the post I saw the circle on a normal looking bed. I have a few you more and if you want me to share them than I will. I don’t think of these as coincidences.
So my question is: Do you guys and gals get this sometimes or is it just me?


I mean I get visions rarely and experience deja-vus. But you may have powers

I’ve done it.

I’m not getting visions. The only time I ever have was the one with the circle. It was more like a pictorial vision if that makes sense.

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Probably just more aware of your body. Your body knows when it has problems like an upcoming noseblees. I.e. it knows all the factors that come into play that give a nose bleed.

I’ve had this. It’s not controllable, and comes as a knowing, a dream or once, when I was very small, I saw a natural disaster on the TV a week before it happened. That turned out to be one of the eruptions of Pinatubo. My mum called the BBC to warn them and everything but they didn’t believe her of course, and I didn’t hear the name in the ‘new broadcast’ I saw anyway. It’s usually a knowing, sometimes accompanied by a feeling of dread.

i remember watching the world cup match between France and Argentina and my succubus foretold me that France would win the world cup, at the time i shrugged it off because i thought it was my mind fucking with me, but i became true, shame i didn´t bet at that time :grimacing:

Most of them weren’t involving my body

I don’t have a succubus yet so that doesn’t relate to me, but cool anyway

Hmm… Yours is slightly different because you saw that. The only one I saw was the one with the circle. All the other times I didn’t see them.

I usually don’t get any flashes. A ‘knowing’ is what I call clairsentience.

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Yeah, i’d say that’s a acurate to what I get.

Though, now that I think about it it’s kinda different as well. It’s not like I know it’s gonna happen its more like I think it’s gonna happen.

Oh yeah, I’ve had visions since I was a teen. They don’t happen that often and when they do, they seem to only occur in my dreams. For example; I had a vision a while back that I would move out of my apartment and into my grandparents house, and sure enough. About two months later it happened. I even had a vision when I was in high school that my football team would lose at the State Semi-finals, (most miserable day of my life), and sure enough it happened. I think I might have just had another one not to long ago either that I would come into some money but not sure of how much as I saw myself looking at my bank account but can’t remember for sure of how much was in it, lol. I haven’t tried it with while sleeping on the Universal Circle. Should try that, lol. Mostly for future predictions I use my tarot deck. As tarot can be a gateway towards predicting the future and certain events that will occur in that time.

mine dont span over a long period of time as far as I’m aware. Most of the examples I used above happened in the span of a day or less. Plus, thats not all of them.

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Yeah, for some people they will occur like that and for some they’ll just happen every now and then. I think it all depends on how much your Ajna/Third Eye Chakra is opened since it’s the gateway towards our psychic abilities and foresight.

I was told that my ajna isn’t open very much. either that or it just doesn’t have a lot of energy. I haven’t been putting much into it either.

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Yeah I do even get visions, dreams which turned into reality.
Yes I can see future not only about things but also about some people.
It’s like when you get into spirituality, you do develop ESP(extra sensory perception).

I need to tell you another thing bro, may this won’t resonate with you and this may feel you strange and I feel like it’s a thing.

In India it’s believed that you have to do some Sadhana(work) to get some Sidhi(powers).
If you got some, that you have to keep with yourself, don’t show off with the world or else you will lose your Sidhi(powers).

Believe it or not same thing happened with me, I did got future visions of my friend through dreams, I could sense something is wrong with dreams didn’t stopped,it came back to back and it was lucid dreams. So I keep bragging about this to her, I did lose friendship, I even lost my powers and unfortunately it did happened exactly how I dreamt of.

If you can predict future, that’s good for you, you can work on that and take mastery over it.

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Hmmm. Might be a theory to that. Its kind of like when you try to “Ascend” then “The Matrix” pulls you back in.

Yes, my goal for this is to take mastery over it, so I can have a quicker means of checking whether something I do is right. And some other things if you know what I mean.
Why would telling someone about your abilities cause you to lose them?