Predict stock price at the end of the day

What do you guys think is the best way to predict stock prices by the end of the day? Is daytrade + magick a goodway to get wealth?

EDIT: I doubt that those who really “beat” the market with magick would share anything with anyone, but Id really be glad If you could teach this miserable college student who knows to keep his mouth shut(Dm me)


strengthen intuition to see what is best for you

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Yeah, but It would need to be a perfect intuition, you would need to know all the times exactly when to buy and sell. Perhaps itd be “safer” to have the numbers, they dont need to be exact, just to give you a better idea what to do and when.

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The market is a cruel mistress and there are so many different factors involved at any given second in day trading, especially this week. Ugh. I’m done for today. Everything is acting all out of wack.


NO. IT’S GAMBLING. While some gamblers are better than others and profit more consistently. it’s still gambling and losses are huge and out of your control. Of course there are some day traders that make millions, but the rest fail because they blow up their account too quickly. It’s not an area where you can make small mistakes all your bad trades are going to fuck you up.

if you want to build wealth, TRADE OPTIONS. they are much better and make you monthly income without needed so much to predict the direction of the stock. Optionalpha is a great youtube channel to learn about trading options. you can collect monthly payments from the market without ever needing to buy the stock.

Day trading is not gambling , it is a game of factors , how many can you line up? Patterns, volume, news, candlesticks, it goes on , then you can get your risk reward as close as possible for a profit , but with the corona virus it is bad :crazy_face:



Day trading is not gambling. If you go to a roulette table and cast the little ball, you have no control. At a slot machine, once you spend the money, you have no more control. When I’m day trading and I see a trade no going my way…what do I do? I sell and take my profit.

I love what you said about options, and I agree 100% that MOST daytraders treat trading like gambling, and this is because many aren’t willing to learn properly. They spend their whole life paying “school money” because they won’t learn to stick to their rules.

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well i have researched very extensive on sports betting … and later when i applied it to the free demo on expert option i saw it working.

I think apart from other things one thing that can make a person win on games of chances or stocks is better divination abilities. If you have great divination abilities and good psychic ability then its likely you can hit the market well.

I have used pendulum, cards, intuition, channeling and alot of other methods on sports betting and i saw all the methods can work just improve yourself. I cant say i have made millions nope and that is because i have personal blockages that i have to uplift that there are on my way not just on games of chances but even on my magic. BUt all these psychic and divination methods can be used on games of chances and work well.

last time i used channeling instead of channeling which team will win, i channeled the odds on specific betting network and it worked well, but i failed to make it continues because of my personal blocking.

On stock however i found intuition to work better, but if your intuition is not yet developed you can try to use pendulum and predict.

Another thing that can boost your results is luck magic. Doing some magic whether sigil or spell work to boost your luck, usually these lucky charms or whatever you are using increases your chance of winning your bet.

i know the post is about stocks and i talked about betting but all is to give you insight. I hope it helped, remember there are two keys

    Be blessed.

I think it’s better to buy stocks and keep them for a while instead of day trading but that’s just my experience. My family and I have had bette luck keeping stocks for months or years, but I’ve been looking into forex which seems to be a good way of day trading