Predict attacks, accidents etc

Hello everyone
I was wondering, can you predict prossible sudden attacks (like mu.rder, multilation, violence, acid attacks, criminal attacks, sexual attacks, suddenly attacks or attacks from those familiar to you) or accidents (car accidents, fires, etc) that will happen to you (and avoid then)?
For example, are there any astrological aspects or placements that indicate this? I’m not even sure if I believe in what astrology has to say, but I’ve done some searching and didn’t find anything particularly enlightening. Or, are there any books that you know of that deal with this issue?

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My information is limited, but I think the malefic planets Mars and Saturn placements in your chart can help show you this.
Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Saturn rules Capricorn. I think a higher chance for problems when they are at home or retrograding.