Predetermined energy?

So Ive been reading vampyric works such as nox infernus and they assert that we have a predetermined amount of energy and we cannot generate more on our own.
If this is true then what exactly is raising kundalini or chakra work doing if not raising energy?

Kundalini is the vital force of consciousness which gives rise to self-awareness.
The purpose of raising Kundalini is to unite the kundalini shakti coiled at the base of the spine with shiva (the third eye/pineal gland) in order to expand consciousness.
For Kundalini awakening to occur, you need to balance and harmonize the five lower chakras (representing the five elements) to free shakti from their influence. Hence, she rises with ease above the realm of limitation.
From my point of view, kunda yoga is more about directing the flow of energy than merely raising it. The energy is always there, you just have to figure out how to work with it.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It’s important to not overlook scientific fact when studying spiritual practices.


So then is there any way to gain energy without resorting to parasitism?

Vampyrism is a valid practice that involves the absorption and manipulation of energy.
I was just pointing out that the idea of “generating” or creating energy is problematic since that is scientifically incorrect.
If you want to be an energy vampire, there are more reliable sources of information such as
’Vampyre Sanguinomicon’ by Father Sebastian or ‘Sekhem Apep’ by Michael Ford.


Right, Im a science major so no misunderstanding here on that part. What Im wondering is if there is a way to increase energy WITHOUT resorting to vampirism all the time

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Yes and no, some are born with more energy than others, and some with less energy than others, our energy bodies aren’t the same capacity, just as we’re all not of the same potential. However, energy capacity can be developed and grown, the more you work with your energy.

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Can it be forcefully grown? For example there are some spells to forcibly expand chakras to allow more energy to go in.

I personally don’t believe spells can do everything, However, personally I have “forcibly” grown mine. However the method wasn’t spells or rituals.

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Evocation is to evoke a being or energy outside of you, it doesn’t benefit what I mean…However, you are slowly expanding your own as you work with your own energy. However, that was too slow for me.

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Sorry I meant summoning it and calling it to expand your energy pool.

summoning and evocation are the same thing lol

I just in a way made “copies” of my energy system and merged them into the main one so to speak…atleast to put it in simple terms.

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That’s also what i was planning to do once I soul travel. Make friends with beings and ask them to turn their energy into a new etheric body for me and merge them together.

Bit different but similar concept.

No, that’s not the same thing, since it’s not your energy. It’s theirs so what you would be merging with would be foreign and not a 100% actuality that the merge will work or not affect you negatively. Not all energy is compatible. My method was using my own energy to merge back into myself not using someone else’s energy and the possibility of my system rejecting that energy.

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I don’t know how to do that without sensing energy.

You work on sensing energy. Given you’re unlikely near death you have time to work on your skills.

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Hiya OP! There are plenty of ways to increase your magical capacity/energy storage without resorting to constant vampirism:

  1. “Overeating”. Let’s say once a week, you drain as much energy from as diverse sources as you can reach. Overeating is occasional vampiric gluttony where you consume too much energy for you to store, and as such are over capacity. Take it easy for a few days, don’t get agitated and don’t do magic, and you’ll find that the amount you overate is your new capacity limit for magical energy.

  2. Feedback loops. An example of this would be stretching the energy in your spine down to the planet’s core and up to the sun, and drawing energy up from the earth through your systems to ground them before charging it in the sun and circulating that energy throughout your system. The longer and more intensely you can perceive this the better effect it has on your energetic storage.

  3. Energetic surgery. Take a magic hatchet and some energy stitches and open yourself right on up, and feel around for bad or gucky parts and cut them out of you. When you can’t feel any more bad parts, feel for your energy storage, cut it out, and remold the astral structure to have additional chambers/dimensionality. When you feel ready, flip it back inside of you, feel your bodies connect to it, and ground.

  4. Apprenticeship. Being directly associated with and around the strongest beings (human or not) tends to resonate with structures that can’t resist it (like an untrained human), and if you’re their apprentice or friend, this resonance is pretty much all good things for your inner capabilities. It’s less of a mutation and more of a harmonization.

  5. Talismans & Servitors. Make the talismans to store a specific kind of energy each, and make the servitors to fetch as much energy of that kind as possible and lock it into the corresponding talisman for later magical use.

The sky’s the limit! Or rather, your creativity. :slight_smile: