Pre-Pact 'Vibrations'?

Since i have never done this before, I am pretty unfamiliar with what to be expecting, or experiancing. Technically, my pact time begins upon the “New Moon cycle” on the 18th. Not sure what exact hour that should kick in, but right now it is 2207 (10;07 pm) CST. I am not focising on it, actually kinda got my mind doing other things, but I am feeling all kinds of ‘vibes’ and other ‘physical’ feelings. A really "large Warm Swelling in the solar plexus region; eyes feeling ‘stuffed warm and watery’ like they should be tearing, my head is swimmy and swooney. Feeling emotional swinging, from elation to spiritual overflowing, to giddy to a nearly 'volcanic force eruption of love and ‘forcepower’. And this is weird, i feel like i am ‘tasting and still craving’ all of this but wanting more like a giant ice cream cake which I could gorge on and never run out of.
Belial- and, it seems to me the one thing you would not expect from a “Demon King” is a feeling coming from him as if “I was His first and Favorite new baby and he is like doing what most good fathers do, cradling him and staring down on him beaming all of his favorite feelings into him”.
In my best priest theologian days- never felt this. I am not sure what to have expected, but this is very appreciated and new and interesting. For all the other ‘experiances’ what I consider the less reliable ‘satanista’ describe of Belial, Black Brooding, slimy blood dripping, cold regardless could throw you away as trash, ans likely will on and on, once again- the more they write trying to out evil the next UnAttained Would-be; I am again seeing why i have never been able to see anything but a Worhty loving to be with Friend and Companion- who sure as hell does care and love- or whatever it is I am swimming in right now. I have a feeling when things are done i will be very short and highly unappreciative of “Occult Describers” especially of Belial. I blasphemy= caulumny, basically shitalking of a being- doing so to Belial, is going to be a sure fire way to guarantee my flaming ire.