Pre-human spirits?

Did the loa pre-exist humans? Meaning, are they more than just thoughtforms?

Do traffic signs pre-exist humanity? Will a traffic sign kill you if you run into it?

Thats just food for thought. But since noone can really give you a yes-no as to wether loa even exist, it’s in your best interest to query them yourself and see what they answer you. The loa were quick to appear in my dreams and set me straight on my relationship to them when I asked.

You will not breach any boundaries setting out a white candle and a glass of water for Papa Legba on a clean table and asking that he reveal the nature of the afro-carribean spirits to you.

Many of the Lwa are something like “Heroes” or “Saints” they had lives before the diaspora and revolution. Some, like Damballah and Ayeda Wedo were never human, however, they are very compassionate in their understanding of humanity. But just because they were human at one point does not make them a thought-form.