I had a hard time in my life lately so i decided to pray to the lord from all my heart and said phrases from the quran and then i felt rapture and after that i was going to pass out my heart beating was so fast and i felt goosebumbs in my hands and i was dizzy i was afraid i thought i was going to die so k took a walk afterwards by time my heart returned normal again in two days i was tired feeling like i was going to die jntill i decided to take a walk and take care of my health can anyone explain to me what happen

maybe this is simply health issues

You already explained it yourself, technically.

You had a spiritual experience that caused you to go into trance, rather abruptly, based on how you put it.

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Or this too

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a spiritual experience wouldnt cause him to pass out though, they are usually non harmful imo

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True, although if I’m not mistaken E.A also describes experiences that caused him to pass out

that is, unless he pushed too hard, which i dont think is the case here, so op, go to a doctor to get checked if this feeling persists, but dont let it affect your faith

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ea does things differently

Plus theta (if I remember correctly) is a state between asleep and awake, so it’s easy to pass out.

A rapid influx of energy into the system can indeed cause one to pass out if the system is not ready for it due to overload.

yeah but this post (which im wondering why he posted here by the way) is based on a different type of spiritual path, simple prayer doesnt normally cause this

That I’m in agreement with, idk why he’s here if he’s Christian.

that i agree as well, but this is prayer we are talking about, usuallky the divinity in question wouldnt harm a faithful follower with an experience

hes muslim lol

I lump those things together

dont do that in middle east, lol,

well technically a muslim goes straight to god, a christian views jesus as god incarnated, not just as a prophet, they are diff in beliefs

My personal opinion.

anyway op, this is probably just your health, go to doctor when you can, and get checked, if you see it is methaphysical, then pray to Allah for an answer

if you mean that the god of jews christians and muslims is the same i can see that,

but they differ in terms of beliefs and practices

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