Praying for me

So tonight I was talking with a friend of mine about a life situation. She said she’s been praying for me about this and she has every hope that God has heard and will do something about it. Okay, so she’s causally religious. To each their own of course. If it works for you, great. I’m not one to be openly militant toward the matter, and I feel we all have the right to happily do our own thing with our spirituality.

The problem I have with this is that I have been approaching the very same situation she’s admitted to praying about, from a left handed, and magical perspective. Obviously we’ve got two very opposing forces on the same one thing needing a change. I know I’ve posted before on this board, just a feel like I;m getting closer to a result and then seeing it fall apart again and again, one step forward, a stumble back, a hope ahead and a trip over my feet sending it all to the floor. I can’t help but wonder if this opposition is the reason why.

I didn’t bother to ask her not to include me in her prayers. The fact is, it seems, in general a person is going to do it anyway, and if I did ask her not to, she would only pray that I would accept it and rethink my own decision to not be Christian.

Unless she’s been praying that you’ll be ground down into submission to the people who are abusing you, I doubt it - if she’s been sending out general intentions that you become happier and free, and she’s not expressly able to direct powers through chanelling an Abrahamic god energy (which is a pretty specialised act), then she’s unlikely to be the reason for your setbacks.

But just in case, it seems from my experience that neither the Archangel Raphael nor the Archangel Michael have any objection to working with LHP magicians and that they will assist us in all matters that fall within their offices, so you may want to petition Michael to keep any binding energies she’s accidentally sending out of your environment.

I’ve been in simultaneous contact with Belial and the Archangel Raphael so these spririts are not “at war” in my exoerience, as people often think, and I didn’t piss off Belial by asking Raphael to intercede for me when it was necessary.

I hadn’t thought of doing that. I will certainly try because of course never any harm in trying. It’s good that you said “accidentally sending.” Yes I certainly do think that if there is any connection between this and the trouble here, it is indeed accidental. I never thought this was intentional harm or anything. She would have no knowledge of my own LHP views or practice. It’s certainly a well meaning person.