Prayers for others on their behalf

So I came up with a christan background and eventually Changed to the “middle path you would say”.

But during times like Christmas or during prayer I usually am the one to do it because It comes so naturally from my heart. My issue sometimes is I for one appreciate the spirits I work with but can’t always tell others because of conditioning.

And to say in Jesus name and such can be ever so typical. I know it all comes down to intent but For me to say a prayer Saying in Jesus name for the sake of the others, what’s your thoughts on that?


Being into Magick and the Occult doesn’t mean you can’t use Christian prayers or evoke Jesus. There are a lot who already say Jesus the man was an Occultist himself.
As for using him in Magick, go for it. He’s no different than working with any other Deity or Spirit. You should use what works for you.

Besides there are plenty of non-Christians who do in fact use Psalms in spells. The way they are phrased is very good for it really.


If you don’t feel right saying it then don’t say it


Honestly I say middle because I would help someone on both sides for the evolution of mankind and enlightenment for all.

If a christan wants knowledge about their Hod and Angels I will help.

If someone ones to know about Lucifer and Goetia beings I’ll show them those.

Same with Roman Gods and Norse etc. basically do whatever it takes to help progression. But now to think of it… that left hand? Haha