Prayer vs servitor

What is the practical difference in simply praying for a particular Angel for guidance and protection, to having one bound to me as a servitor? I am thinking Gabriel to help with my inner vision and intuition.

To my own way of thinking, the only real difference is attitude … prayer subjugates you & binding subjugates the angel. Why not make it a simple agreement - the angels are already willing & able to assist you.

I promise you, Brutus, if you make the decision & commitment to show up every day at about the same time (or every week, or whatever schedule you set) - if you “show up”, so will Gabriel.

That’s just simply how it works. Enjoy allowing it to be easier than you thought it was! :wink: Z

Yeah man just talk to the Angels. You’ll find them more than willing to help you, guide you and teach you. They have been so kind to me, and have always shown up when I called. They will also assign servitors to you.