Prayer For Me Please

Or do whatever have you.

I just applied for a job at the Fifth-Third bank in my town. So everyone please send positive vibes my way that I get the position and it all works out for me. I really need a new job and this one will make me about $150 more a week than I make now, and that would be only working 25 hours a week rather than full time. If it works out and I get full time employment some day I’ll go from my current job of making $10,000 a year to working part time making $18,000 a year. To full time making $28,800 a year.

I really need this right now. So if everyone could help me out with this I’d appreciate it more than anything else. Please and thank you.


I will @Kaya, as always. Please try to evoke Lucifer or Nitika too on this matter. Nitika is a pretty powerful Genie/Djinn Spirit and if you already know him it could really benefit you. Change the invocation chant a little. Instead of money ask for the opportunity. Do this every evening, even if it’s 5 minutes to enhance your chances greatly.


Thank you, I will definitely do that. I need this oppurtunity.


May Lucifer secure your employment.