Prayer and meditation

Hello there. Missed a lot of time. Maybe because I went into RHP eventually (without the church, it is bullshit for me even I believe in God, God is Ain Sof Aur, Infinite Light, Parabrahman, so He is full of love he is not responsible for the evil in the world, WE are responsible for these fucking religious wars). When I am praying, I have a bliss feeling in my heart chakra. Also, today I was meditating upon the Suryia mantra. I had become one, I was singing the mantra in my brain, I was moving with it’s rhythm in my asana and I control my breath (pranayama) with it. I felt the same bliss that I feel in my prayer, but in my throat chakra. What does mean ?

This is energy moving, and it sounds healthy and balanced, so it would be joyful to experience.
I’s means you’re doing your meditation to get your prana flowing successfully. :smiley: :+1:

Also, this eternall bliss I feel when I observe the mantra…I feel a union, that me and the mantra are one. Is this what we call Samadhi ? Or a stage ?

This is described as being a very specific state of consciousness where you feel your oneness with everything.

Being in the trance state while meditating is a step towards that imo, yes.
Feeling your energy moving and joy (a form of love) while meditating is a symptom of being in the state, but not the state itself.

Conversely, as the pure energy in the cosmos is love, if you bring feelings of love into yourself in everyday consciousness you also increase access to prana and can feel your energy without having to be in trance.
Note: feeling love is relaxing, and relaxation activates the vagus nerve, which is important for psychic ability. While any kind of tension blocks energy flow and hence reduces psychic senses.

I wanted always to do meditation or yoga, but I don’t know how. Sri Krishna speaks about types of yoga in Bhagavad Ghita, as well as Patanjali eight limbs of yoga. Buddhism has also meditation. I know that yoga means union with God, but I can’t understand the differences about purpose of yoga and meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism. Also, seven chakras and Kundalini. I don’t know much about meditation, only about mantras, concetration of the mind and pranayama (control of the breath). If you can explain me all of these or know some great books I can find to help me, it would be my pleasure.

I’m confused, didn’t you saw you were doing an asana. Asanas are yoga poses, aren’t they?

But if you want a quick primer, I have this book, Richard Hittleman’s 28 Day Yoga, which is old so you can get it for 99c used plus shipping, and it trains you in a month building up until you can do the full sun salutation. Full photos of how to do the poses and modifications etc. I love it.

Yoga, similar to Tai Chi, is basically moving meditation as opposed to still meditation. Most don’t teach the energy working that (er, I assume… never seen any?) goes along with it (in Tai Chi they do if you get good teacher) but in pranayama the breathwork is supposed to do that for you. I would say that the mindfulness on the energy flow is important, but I don’t know where to find that information for yoga, it seems not to be in the common sources for kundalini work, as that is still meditation not moving.

For Tai Chi and Gongfu (Kung Fu, the training) it’s called qigong (energy training) and the external and inner work is all paired perfectly in one holistic system. There are even techniques that specifically attack the energy system not the body, e.g. in the Japanese Torite Jutsu.

I don’t actually do yoga, I do qigong and tai chi, (as you can probably tell :slight_smile: ) so I understand it in principle, as the foundations in the human body are the same, but not in the technical specifics.

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You are talking about Surya Namaskar right ? If thats so, this is what I have been looking for!

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