Prayer and discipline

Aight. Looks like I’m on a science kick tonight. This is a psychological study that shows the effects of prayer on people’s actions, stating that Religious behavior such as prayer can help with will power. Even here there are plenty of examples of people reaching out to Entities for strength in times of emotional need. It’s mainly framed around Christianity but interesting nonetheless.


Very interesting. Prayer seems so be a topic that is almost taboo in some circles. Possibly because it has been forced down the throat on so many where everything is already designed and prepared for you. I have had experiences in the past that made me despise prayers but that was due to it being part of a programme. Just recently using prayers for Hekate is changing my view on this. I also tend to think that some self-written prayers can be very powerful. it is simply a matter of who is in charge, isn’t it?



Ya may find this interesting.

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I’ve seen that actually. :grinning: It’s awesome

Yeah Dr.emoto’s work gave me alot of “aha” moments with magick when you consider that over half of the human body is made up of water and various fluids. Then when ya consider this the effects of invocation, evocation, mantras and ritual spells ect. make alot of sense when you combine this with the hermetic principle of correspondence: as above so below, as within so without.


Oh wow that’s awesome.

Yeah it helps eliminate alot of the confusion as to how magick works. One of the channels i follow ended up bringing up how the law of correspondence works when it comes to evocation and invocation.

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I’m definitely checking that out. Thanks.

Masaru Emoto’s work is complete crap.

Stanford University professor Emeritus William Tiller stated, “In Dr. Emoto’s experiments, [supercooling] was neither controlled nor measured, a necessary requirement to be fulfilled if one wanted to prove that it was the new factor of specific human intention that was causative.”

Because we know that you can manipulate the crystalline structure of water by tinkering with the cooling rate. Futhermore, the part Emoto leaves out is that all of the “good” words which produced “ugly” crystals and all the “bad” words which produced “pretty” crystals were completely thrown out.

I challenge everyone here to recreate Emoto’s work. It’s not difficult, it’s not complex. Just get a punch of petri dishes, some duct tape, a marker, a dropper, and access to a freezer. And if you get the same result as Emoto, then I will professionally apologize.