Pray with snakes

This is straight up south Georgia right here.
That swamp looks like no man’s land.

These churches really do exist my ex m in law went to one.
And if they get bit by one they won’t go the hospital. They say their faith has to be strong enough to heal them if they die…well they didn’t have enough faith.

Genearly it’s about once a month or so that they do this. It looks more like some wild voodoo or something then a Christian Church. But it’s true it’s true.


That would scare the shit out of me.

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It’s true it’s true…

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Snake cult says i :thinking: granted not a very rational one from the sound of it. Im all for working with animals bit if i get bit by a poisonous snake,spider ect imma get antivenom. :japanese_ogre:


I have seen shows about this. It’s crazy. Yet we’re the weird ones.

It’s like, hello, you drink the blood and eat the flesh of your god every Sunday. But you think I’m strange?