Praise to Mammon and Goddess Bune

All praise to Mammon , Noble Demon and infernal prince !!!

All praise to goddess Bune , duchess of the Empire !!!

All glory , all respect, all power, all honor , all praise , all love to you !!

I’m grateful and extremely thankful

I thank you , Mammon
I thank you , Goddess Bune …

AVE Mammon , AVE AVE AVE !!!
AVE Bune , AVE AVE AVE !!!


Praises to Azazel. I asked fot the silencing of loud partyi neighbours before 20:00hrs this Sunday evening i offered to evoke every night for a month thats 30 days… and he did it all by 19:30. Praused to Azazel. :kissing_closed_eyes:
They were SO freaking migraine inductive. He showed me.
Great Serpent Azazel. But ha i was not to handle the sword. :laughing: