Praise to Lakshmi extreme luck

I was listening to her prayers online almost everyday amidst all my clientel coming I got an unknown check of 1500dolars I was screeming in joy this has never happened to me in my life I was randomly checking my account with the app to see how it is so I thought it was a mistake of the bank turned out it was appresiation money for a service i did last month I was ammazed this is the only magic I do now listen to the mantras and prey to hindu gods I seriously reccomend Lakshmi Ganesh and Vishnu. Lakshmi top for money. I also recomend kubera demon king he helped me to. But for devotion Lakshmi. These 3 go in pairs they are friends. I also want to thank goddess fortuna which may be a mask of lakshmi for my good luck.


Brilliant, congratulations! :smiley:

And Praise Lakshmi! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I met Lakshmi!!! Check out my previous post

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