Praise be to Belial

I recently made a baneful magic topic about Andras and Belial. I invoked Belial to help me with my court case and while I didn’t get exactly what I hoped (this is entirely my fault as I should have been more specific in my request) I got a positive outcome. Although I already thanked Belial previously in my thread I woke up this morning with the sense that Belial wanted me to make my own thread for him.

With that said I want to thank and praise Belial for all his assistance and also that I need to be word for word specific when asking for a request.

Praise be to Belial.


Hail Belial!


So glad Belial came through for you!!!


Yes I asked him to help with my court case and he did. I am going to ask for his help again as the court case he helped with was just the preliminary hearing.

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