Praise be to Belial - how I summoned him in the astral

As part of my promise to Belial I said would praise him. Given that there is already a thread about praising entities I promised Belial that I would make a really long post for him outlining what I did and what worked. This is part of my deal where I said I would give him praise on two different forums this being one of those forums

So Belial solved the issue I had relating to this thread: My job is getting too much for me

As some of you may know I think I’ve developed a good relationship with Belial and he is my go to entity for assistance. And I hope and believe that this has made our relationship even stronger

Calling Belial this time was slightly different as I called him in the astral. Normally I make a big show of playing his enn in the background and chanting alongside it and staring at his sigil. However because I have a friend staying with me and an open plan flat I had to do things differently

This time I called him in the astral. I read the tutorial on BALG about astral temple building originally I wanted a large grandiose temple but I realised I couldn’t concentrate on both the temple and summoning Belial if I made the temple too complex so I settled for a white space with a simple stone alter.

I chanted Belial’s enn and focused on drawing his sigil on paper in the astral. In my view Belial did come to me. In the past I have never been able to see Belial but I’ve always assumed he heard me, this time was different as I honestly believe he came to me in the astral. Rather unexpectedly he took the form of Baphomet.

I’m not sure why he took that form but when I asked he said this was the easiest form my mind could create for him. I presume he meant I was still struggling with astral work

We discussed what I wanted and what I would give in return. I had to end our discussion rather quickly as my friend who was living with me decided to walk into my room and attempted to start a conversation with me. Belial merely chuckled at this and said I was free to go.

Anyway as this related to my work issues Belial did the following for me:

  1. Arranged it so that a temporary worker will be taking on my workload

  2. Arranged it so a big case of mine sorted itself out so I can work on other cases.

My insights in respect of this are:

  1. Astral summoning works just as well as summoning on this plane, sometimes even better because this was the first time I was able to see Belial albeit in the form of baphomet

  2. Keep your astral temple simple. I know some people want complex temples but with a complex temple it’s much harder to focus on the summoning itself and your temple isn’t worth much if the magic doesn’t work

Feel free to comment , criticise etc. I will simply end my post by saying praise be to Belial and that I look forward to strengthening our relationship even more