Praise and thanks to Foras!

Praise to Foras
The kind and astute helper
The mighty essence
The noble!

I was in a pinch and hurriedly looked who to ask for help. My time was running out. I went to him without much of a ritual and made my plea.

He was dubious and asked me why I thought he of all could help. I outlined my case and I wasn’t finished talking before he sent, “I’ll help.”

It took me a second to register the feeling that I had his help. That I had some help. He didn’t ask for anything in return. He didn’t even ask for praise.

And he did. My interview went well - and as I super suck at interviews that’s a big thing.

So praise to Foras, a friend in need!


I find your experience beautifully interesting. But ,please, next time you wish to praise these helpful entities ,do so in this thread :

It helps to not flood the community with posts of the same topic . Thank you :slightly_smiling_face::kissing_heart:


I actually tried to find that thread and when I couldn’t figured I’d dreamed it up. But I’ve always had the worse luck finding stuff when I want to find it through search/Google/etc. Ask folks who have tested it with me. LOL.

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It’s all good I know how u feel I am one of those people who will search for my cell phone and it’s in my hand or pocket any way glad everything worked out for you congrats on the new job I believe and maybe work more with forus not sure the spelling I think he has took a liking to you in some way

We don’t hear about him as much as every one else so if you decide to keep us updated on your work and progress well that’s if you want to

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Oml :joy::joy:

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No it wasn’t a new job. It was a public PR interview. Wish I’d had his help the next day too, but I didn’t think that far. LOL

I haven’t worked with him since. Things got busy again - but it’s always in a good way. So I remember to light various crevices in the house reserved for thanks and get to work. I have asked him what he would like in return, but he doesn’t seem to want anything. Which is why I put out the praise. I felt wrong just USING him…