Praise and a poem for Ipos!

I petitioned Ipos a while ago to help me be a better talker overall, needless to say, I put in some psyhical effort aswell and the results were amazing! I promised as an offering that I would give Ipos a poem, so here it is!

On a quiet, black night,
On which the moonlight reflects
On a river bright,
I stand idly, gazing at it,
Dreaming for inspiration,
So beauty in my writtings
I may express.

Out of nowhere,
A mysterious wanderer with a robe
So enchanting, it could swoon
Even Lords and Lady’s.

The figure asks me what
I do this late at night,
I reply that I write and seek
Enlightment, the figure takes down
Its hood, behold,
A beautiful swan beneath it.

He says that he can bestow
upon me a gift of eloquence,
but only if I, in return, give him something.
I agree, the swan asks of me,
Whenever I eat in my home,
I share my food with him, so, yes I say.
The same night I go to my home,
Lay my head on my pillow,
Close my eyes and drift off,
Until outside, the sun shines bright!

I open my eyes and I feel
My mind is full of ideas
I get up and begin to write
Oh, how glorious this is!
To the local inn I go,
I read out loud my poems,
Friends and foes I charm
Alike, women they woe,
The beauty which radiates
From my poems the people
Cannot believe.
Oh, oh, oh, thank you beautiful swan
But how I regret, not asking for your name…

Tonight, I leave a platter of food
For you, a cup filled with wine,
Fresh bread and a
Bowl of fruits to enjoy,
Join me at dinner, so your name,
I may learn.

Your presence now I feel,
I blink once and I see you
Before me, for your name
I finally ask,
Your begin to speak,
Your voice beautiful as a harp
Is heard, ‘’Ipos is my name!’’
Now I know you and my food
Shall forever be shared with you
And my writings your power shall bear
For the name Ipos, to my last breath,
I shall chant!

Desa an Ipos ayer!