Practicing my evocation

Hi There!

So I’m currently Working on my evocation with King Paimon.

I wanted to know if it was normal that everytime I try I’m have a falling sensation (like a rabbit hole) and that I make fever.

Before my evocation my température is always normal but after it’s not.

I need some help to know if I’m doing something wrong :sweat_smile:


Effects like this can happen as a side-effect of evocation or really summoning spirits in general. It doesn’t mean that you are doing anything wrong, and rather, I would actually take the change of temperature as a good sign.


This is one of the signs of entering trance. EA Koetting describes hitting the Theta state as “falling through rings of reality,” for example. Many trance inductions seek to induce this feeling, so it’s a good thing.

It is normal for body temperature to be elevated during an evocation. It is a bit unusual for it to reach the level of a fever, but that could simply be because your body is not used to it yet. The presence of spirits is known to increase the temperature in the room and, personally, I tend to sweat a lot during evocations, so I would say you are definitely doing something right :slight_smile:


Yes it sounds like everything is right. The higher temperature can be considered a normal side effect.

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Me too