Practicing Mind over Technology Magic

I was wandering if anyone can help me with bettering at manipulating technology with the power of the mind, spirits or any other technique…
To connect with any electrical device and make it do different tasks that normally it couldn’t do…
If anyone could help in this i would be very grateful…

I’ve only had experience interrupting the normal operations of field emitting devices like radios and incandescent lights temporarily. This was more of a side effect of other things and not something I was trying to do. Usually just temporary energy fluctuations correlating with specific mind states.

I don’t have any more to add than that, other than that I have used the thurisaz rune (aka thor’s hammer) as a mental link thoughtform to work with mechanical and electrical objects, thinking of Thor as a craftsman, and thus falling under his domain. For example, using it to get a car started when nothing else works, etc. But I have not experimented with altering the functions of technology very much, more to just get them to work for their intended purpose when they are not working right.

Well some of the purposes of trying to connect with technology is to see if i can amplify the computing power of my PC and/or make my thoughts and dreams manifest as 3D simulations then edit them in a trance state and possibly turn them in PC video games… Probably this is too far fetched…
But thanks for the idea of using thurisaz rune…

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A lot of this falls under the offices of Mercury, and Ahriman, for information technology, and as NariusV said, Thor for electricity.

XaTuring is a spirit you might want to research as well, there’s a good post about him here.

These are just the ones I know a little about and have worked with in some way, and not a definitive list.

Both Ahriman himself and the Archangel Raphael confirmed that the internet is a tool of Ahrimanic consciousness, among other things.

Thanks a lot for the help Lady Eva!
As for what i can share in the domain of the human - technology connection or any other creature +tech is that technology, although scientists don’t seem to realize, Is a very specific type of pure energy channel… A rune of sorts if you will.
Our bodies are also a kind of self sustaining machine… Our bodies and any living thing generate a low voltage electricity in order to work. Now technology, the modern tech, uses high voltage electricity. The only difference is that tech is based more on metals - silicates. Organic tech or you may call it life is water - carbon based mostly.
Now where i want to go with this is that we the organics are not different from machines at all. Our brains can do same thing that computers do.
So in a way technology, if used as it should, can amplify the powers of any wizard, exponentially.
Scientists don’t even realize that what they have build is a very powerful new type of runes and magic artifacts. Technology is NOT what it seems.
Have you ever heard the skeptical saying that every technology, advanced enough, is indistinguishable from magic? Well this is put in the wrong order. Technology is highly advanced magic only not used to its full potential. Now we wizards can most certainly try to merge our powers with this new type of helpers and see where do we go from there.
So that is why i’m experimenting in this new field of magic. I want to see what results can we get from using properly this new type of magic called technology.
So that is why i posted this and i would really encourage others to try this out. A whole new world of possibilities can arise from this. And no we won’t become cyborgs. :wink:

I forgot to say this: What would happen if, by chance, someone would combine a vehicle with teleporting magic, time travelling magic, protections, shields (all made using magic) and lastly, scaling magic (re-sizing things)
You could build yourself the ultimate pan-dimensional travelling vehicle. the ultimate UFO, if you will. So this is just one of the mighty things this new type of magic could do… in theory…

this is great for entering a game or video or picture, and even altering.

Firstly, sit in front of a sigil that represents the game/video/picture(the screen also works but it can be distracting). Secondly get into the theta gama sync and rapture. Thirdly, Scry into the sigil until you can feel an energy coming off of the game/video/picture. Fourthly, send you energy and consciousness into the sigil while thinking of the game. lastly, you have the option of changing something by treating it as a spirit, or just watching it play out

@Lady Eva, what do you mean that the internet is a tool of Ahrimanic consciousness?