Practice magick for new magicians

So I’m now getting into magic and it seems like sigil Magick seems the way to go for a highschool kid with no job. In your opinions what was the most practical or useful Magick in your starting stages. Things that you wish you knew or rituals you would’ve done sooner and their purpose. I’m looking to be an actor by getting into USC and purse careers in film. Please keep in mind that I’m new and only just figured out how to do the LBRP.

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Build a good foundation,Here are some good starting points for info and practical work. If i had access to these and a few other sources i would have saved myself alot time from piecing stuff together on my own.

The Mystery School:

Hardcore Esoteric:


Ooh thanks, and good advice I’ve watched a few of Xavier’s video but not the Hardcore esoteric person I’ll be sure to check them out. At this stage will sigils I find on the when work? I doubt my parents would pay for a Magickal grimoire, ironically she always makes jokes about me infiltrating secret societies or esoteric groups since my Great grandma was a mason but she isn’t open to this concept.

You should be able to find some resources on sigil magick fairly easy with a bit of searching. They can be potent on their own when done right. I think frater Xaviers sigil course may actually be on sale right now :thinking: