Practice Biddy Tarot Readings • [4/4] CLOSED

I’ve finally purchased the Biddy Tarot deck. It’s one I’ve had good luck with so I think I’ll be using this from now on for practice readings for others.

I will be drawing three (possibly more) cards for four people. Ask any question you would like and be a bit specific. The readings will be completed later tonight.

Feedback on accuracy is always appreciated. Thank you! :blush:


I’ll bite!


Count me in


My question is; how are things going to turn out between me and girlfriend of 2 months… is she worth spending time and effort on? She is a Scorpio and I am a Taurus if that helps.


I’m in, do I need to pm?


Can I have one please ?
I want to apply for Canada student visa for January, what is probable outcome


Sure, hit me with a future career reading. Should I stay or go from my current job.


No I missed this😭 good luck man!


Dw I’ll probably do one on Wednesday too

You can if you want

I’ll pm you soon

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Knight of Swords, Death Reversed, Knight of Wands.

So firstly, I’d like to say I got a feeling that you’re being protected right off the bat. I think the spread had the Death card as you and the knights to each side of you.

Be wary of impulsive decisions and keep to your wit. Bravery is appropriate when properly measured with the fool. With this, a great change is coming to you within yourself. A part of you you must release in order to be your best self. You have alot of passion and enthusiasm in order to get you through whatever this release may be. Ambition has popped up twice in this readings. Helping better yourself can keep a relationship happy and healthy too.

King of Pentacles, Death, Four of Cups, Ace of Wands.

You are confident and can turn your vision into practical plans which are often lucrative. With taking that action, things that do not serve your best self will fall away and make room for new opportunities. While many opportunities present themselves, make sure to contemplate your next moves carefully. With that you will experience breakthroughs and new ways of thinking and will be putting your ideas into action.

I got a very positive vibe from this spread so I think your outcome will be great! I hope this was helpful for you.

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Seven of Pentacles, Wheel of Fortune Reversed, Eight of Swords Reversed.

This pull is so chaotic :rofl: Inner chaotic.

A hard worker. You understand this is long term and will reap the rewards at a later date. Alot of things you experience may feel if it’s against you when it’s actually for you. You may feel as if you’re always running into badluck but you have a choice: be at cause or be at effect. Catch yourself during negative thought patterns and break yourself onto them. Change your belief system and eradicate any self limiting beliefs. I hope this helps.

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Thanks for your effort, your reading totally makes sense to me and I hope the outcome will be as you said.

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Man !! i am late :persevere:

This does help me. Thank you.

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